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Who am I ?

What can we know about you who wish to remain anonymous?
"Like Elena Ferrante who has managed to keep her anonymity for more than twenty-five years, I would repeat her remarks:
“At the time, I was afraid of having to come out of my shell. Shyness prevailed. Then I came to be hostile to the media that do not value books per se, and rate them based on the reputation of the author. I am part of families well known to most of the fenua and Caillou personalities who appear in some of the news. I still exercise a recognized function. With more details, my identification would be too easy. I could only conclude with Elena's words again: “Keep the author in the dark and we discover that the text contains more than what we imagine. The text takes possession of the person who writes. If we want to find this person, he is there, before our eyes, revealing his inner self that he himself does not really know. "To know me with humor, discover my book!"

How did you get started in writing?
"It was a dream that goes back to my school years. The subjects I studied fascinated me but - by nature - I try to look at everything in the second or third degree. It occurred to me that one could say the same things as my overly serious teachers by presenting them differently. I wrote down facts that were unfolding in my surroundings, I selected passages from the books I read. My goal? To write something that resembles me: playful, ferocious texts and tender at the same time. For you to judge if I succeeded ... "

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