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My first book


If the Oceanians were descendants of the Gauls, they would be afraid that the sky would fall on their heads, as Henri Salvador sang; but here they are, they are Oceanians… The coconuts threaten them more than the sky! They are reassured by this adage which wants that they fall only on the imbeciles. They like to laugh about everything. With Maeva Takin's book, they will laugh at themselves.

It's well known that cartoonists and comedians love characters and companies they don't care about. Maeva Takin is no exception to the rule by revealing characters and situations better than biographers, anthropologists, sociologists, jurists or historians ...


To deepen your knowledge of French Polynesia and New Caledonia, Maeva Takin, through her crazy stories, will prevent you from reading theses that are too learned to tell the truth. When he closes the book, the reader will be sure that the coconuts do not will not fall on his head, because he will no longer be… a fool!

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